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My name is Eduardo Andrés Prado Carroz, I was born in Maracaibo, Zulia State, Venezuela, on October 6, 1994. I am the youngest of four brothers. All my life I have been involved with the animal world, my passion has always been horses and livestock.

Since I was a child I have been passionate about animal welfare, thus discovering my professional vocation to be a Veterinarian, and my main hobby is riding horses and participating in equestrian activities.


Bachiller en Ciencias

Los Robles High School in Maracaibo – 2011

Médico Veterinario

University of Zulia – 2017

Mejor Estudiante

I had the honor of receiving the diploma of Best Student of the LXXXV class of Veterinary Medicin

Eduardo prado estudios

My services

Equine Reproduction Consulting

  • Gynecological examination of the mare, using ultrasound.
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Pregnancy control.
  • Monitoring of the mare for subsequent service
  • Controlled natural riding
  • Artificial insemination, with fresh, refrigerated and frozen semen
  • Management of problem mares (subfertile)
  • Uterine treatments
  • caslick surgery
  • Heat synchronization
  • Hormonal management

Equine general advice

  • Equine management plan
  • Nutrition
  • Feeding programs
  • Health plan
  • Blood hematology and reading
  • Basic dental care
  • Equine physical preparation advice


Improve as a Veterinary Doctor and learn from others, I firmly believe that success lies in humility and perseverance and that the day always comes.

I invite you to know my book

Upcoming events

Multimin México

Generalities in fixed-time artificial insemination programs and the impact of Multimin 90 on them


Photographic Gallery of Veterinarian Eduardo Prado

Eduardo prado galeria
Eduardo prado galeria
Eduardo prado veterinario
Eduardo Prado Veterinario
Eduardo Prado Medico Veterinario
Veterinario equino eduardo prado

Personal blog

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