The equine gestation period is really important, as it requires constant medical surveillance, as commented by veterinary doctor Eduardo Prado, during an interview on the radio program “Campo, café y ciudad”.

Prado detailed when the mare is ready to have her first foal. At 4 years old was his response, because at that age, he has greater physical maturity; Therefore, she will be more prepared to bring the foal into the world.

Likewise, he indicated that the gestation period of a mare lasts 11 months; time in which you must receive constant medical attention.

“From 11 days onwards, it is necessary to carry out a pregnancy diagnosis, and thus determine whether there was a normal or twin pregnancy; In this way any complications in the mare can be avoided,” he pointed out.

Equine gestation period

Likewise, Prado emphasizes the importance of caring for the foal after birth; the relevance of good nutrition for both him and the mare, since she will be in the lactation period. “Vaccination and deworming are equally important,” he highlighted.

Get to know the various breeds

On the other hand, the veterinarian talked about some of the various breeds of horses, among which he mentioned the quarter horse, from the United States and widely used here in Venezuela, in the popular tailed bulls.

Regarding this breed, he indicated that it is very versatile, since it is used for various activities in the North American country; such as the rodeo.

Regarding his riding season, he indicated that it is in the first 6 months of the year.

Likewise, he mentioned the Paso horse, a Colombian breed; which can be reproduced at any time of year.

Another of the breeds mentioned were the show jumping horse and the thoroughbred racing horse, which can become pregnant during the first 6 months of the year.

Finally, Prado stated that he hopes that in the future “advances will continue in biotechnology, improving equine genetics. “That there are different equine reproduction centers and that we be a world reference in equine reproduction.”